Hi, I'm Danielle,

I’m an author and travel writer.

I love being in nature and am a self-confessed history nerd. I weave these interests into my writing where I can.

My yearning for adventure was likely ignited when I was 7 years old. My parents, younger brother and I spent 12 months travelling around Australia. Amongst my memories are being in the Top End of Australia and watching from the bank while my Dad washed potatoes in the river below. In the not-too-far distance we spied a sly and rather large croc gliding stealthily through the water toward him. The fastest that we ever saw my Dad run! Then there was the time when our campsite at Uluru was flooded out and we had to stay in the local Park Ranger's house (with a room full of dangerous species next door to where we slept). That flash-flood left giant cascading waterfalls off The Rock; a stunning image that I will never forget.  As an adult I have continued to travel our beautiful country, including time spent living and working on the magical World Heritage listed K'gari/Fraser Island in Queensland. I hope to never stop exploring this country that I was blessed to be born in.

I have lived and worked in the countries of my ancestors, Scotland and Northern Ireland - and both were places I fell deeply in love with. I've also spent time in the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, England, Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. I dream of returning to bonnie Scotland in the near future, and have a long bucket list of other international adventures to look forward to.

Today my home is in the foothills of kunanyi/Mt Wellington on the beautiful island of Tasmania. I have an amazing 'day job' working part-time with Wildcare Tasmania. With nature at my door step (as well as great coffee and beautiful bookshops),  I feel inspired to write every day.

How can I help you? Please say hello...

e: daniellerosswalls@gmail.com

Photo near Ancanthe Park, Hobart by the lovely Fiona Vail. 

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